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Catering Equipment

We passionately supply catering equipment for kitchens and eateries of hotels and restaurants. For each business size we have the perfect offer. Contact us for free advice.

Glassware products

We supply a wide range of glassware for all kinds of purposes and occassions. Let us help you with finding the perfect glassware and contact us today.

Crockery & Cutlery

For the best crockery and cutlery, we work with number 1 quality brands. We select the best suppliers, so we can offer you the best products. Visit our store for personal advice.

Kitchen utilities & Chef ware

We believe that every professional deserves it to work with the best kitchen equipment and chef ware. It contributes to the quality and overall excellence.

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Flameberry Limited was established in February 2018 to take over from a closing sister company (est in 2011). The company specializes in the supply and sourcing of catering equipment to the foodservice, hospitality, government, as well, as individual sectors. This includes all cooking and preparation equipment, processing, hot and cold display units, refrigeration, buffet optimization, displayware, storage and handling, crockery, glassware, hotelware, chef uniforms and many more.

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Professional Equipment

Our goal is to supply good products at the best possible price to all.

We understand the needs of our clients and are passionate about providing pre and post advice and service. This results in various hospitality sectors, such as restaurants, hotels, canteens and public catering establishments trusting our quality products and expertise to successfully assist in helping to drive their business on daily bases.

The Best Partners

Flameberry Ltd represents a number of international World-leading brands as well, as smaller manufacturing companies, this aiding capability of supplying a fully comprehensive and wide range of durable and reliable catering products.

The company is constantly working on expanding its product range to meet the growing demands of the food service industry.

The start of Flameberry

We have a very strong passion for food. Because of this, we know how important it is to work with good equipment. It can save lots of time, improves the quality and thus the experience of your customers. Because of our big network in Africa, we decided to start Flameberry and to passionately help your business.

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My business requires having the best catering equipment. Flameberry  provided me with the best equipment and professional advice.

I would highly recommend Flameberry for your business.

Nicolas AnderssonRestaurant owner

I love it how passionate Flameberry is about providing the right equipment. Thanks to their great products I am able to deliver better quality in a more efficient way.

Janice ValeEvent Catering

Katya never disappoints me with her products. She always makes sure to work with the best suppliers and she knows everything about the products. I am happy to work with her.

Tim RogersRestaurant owner

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With our blog we like to share our passion with you. By following our blog you will keep yourself up-to-date with relevant news. We will write about professional catering equipment and the newest technologies. Besides this, you can also inspire yourself with our F&B inspiration that we will link to specific equipment.

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