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Benefits of the right food plating

Benefits of the right food plating

When it comes to serving the perfect dish, it is extremely important to make the food look as good as possible. This all begins with selecting the right crockery. You can simply not afford it to lose quality because of a badly chosen crockery set. In this article we will share some of the best tips and tricks within the industry.

Choose the right branding

The first step is not to just be artistic with the food. It is a very thoughtful process, starting with branding. How do you want to position your business? Do you want to position your business in a luxurious segment, or as an accessible restaurant? Is your restaurant known for its quality food, for unique food, for traditional food or for a certain experience. Choose your strategy, and serve your food in such a way that it represents your branding/positioning. Now, it is time to match the food with the right crockery set.

We are more than happy to help you with this process.

Eating starts with the eyes, not the mouth

The way your food is presented, will determine 50% of the experience. In fact, there is a whole psychological theory behind it. According to a study by Dubourdieu & Brochet people actually taste red fruits when white wine is made red artificially. Meaning, if the food is presented the right way, on the right crockery set, it will already taste 10 times better without having tried a single bite!

Presentation has a big impact on the taste experience of your guest.

Tips & Tricks

The best restaurants always have a story served with their food. It is a story that makes the experience of the guests unique and outstanding. There are some smart ways to tell your food story.

  1. Quality over quantity
    Guests will appreciate a small portion of high quality products over a large portion of low quality items. Volume doesn’t represent quality, the ingredients themselves do.
  2. Creatively plated food scores better
    According to a study, customers are willing to pay more for food that looks artistically presented.
  3. Don’t overload a plate
    Always use plates that have the right size for your dish. If the plate is too small, and the portion too big, you will overload the plate. This makes your dish look messy and less exclusive.
  4. Focus on the main element
    When looking for the right way to decorate a dish, always keep in mind to focus on the main element of a specific meal. Make the main element the centre of the plate. From the centre you decorate the rest of the dish with additional ingredients.
  5. Aim for the right colours
    When it comes to the presentation of food, it is extremely important to match the colours of the ingredients you are using. When the colours do not match, the brain will automatically associate the meal with lower quality.
  6. Pay attention to the freshness of the meal
    When the food looks fresh, guests will automatically assume the food has the right quality even before tasting it. You can boost this effect by including some greens or herbs. This indicates freshness.
  7. Clean dishes
    Although it sounds so obvious to serve clean dishes, it happens surprisingly often that some plates are still dirty. Nothing is more annoying to look at, than a plate with unintentional spatters or smears. Also make sure to always pay attention to the quality of your plates: are they still intact or do they have scratches? If so, replace them immediately. This shows you take your business serious and it also shows that you appreciate the comfort of your guests.
We hope that this article can help you with the perfect food presentation and with selecting the right plates. Please contact us if you are in need of some professional advice.

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